On Tuesday, Lucy Davis led a rally with PETA outside Los Angeles City Hall, , where a press conference was held to announce the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act—cosponsored by the group—which would prohibit circuses and other traveling shows from using wild or exotic animals in California.  The press conference featured the introduction of the bill by Sen. Ben Hueso and remarks by Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Koretz Check out the photos:

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Source: PETA.

At his latest PETA ad photo shoot, Joaquin Phoenix took a moment to discuss how shocked he was to discover a product of harsh cruelty lurking in his wardrobe.

Source: peta.org.uk

Joaquin Phoenix and his family came together on Sept. 30 to honor the late River Phoenix. River was celebrated at PETA’s 35th Anniversary Event with the debut of the River Phoenix Humanitarian Award.

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“The footage that you’re about to watch of China’s dog-leather trade is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen”, begins Joaquin Phoenix in his new PETA exposé. Phoenix narrates over footage that reveals how dogs are kicked, are beaten over the head and have their throats slit and their skin peeled off – all while other dogs watch before they experience the same cruel fate. The animals’ skin is turned into leather – commonly gloves and other small goods such as cat toys and coat trim – and is exported all over the world to be sold to consumers who usually have no clue whose animal parts they’re buying.