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The Yards came out in October 2000, and featured a fight scene between Mark Wahlberg’s Leo, Joaquin Phoenix’s Willie, and — briefly — Charlize Theron’s Erica. The conflict really started after Willie slapped Erica. Leo attacked Willie, and actors Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix took their fight down a flight of stairs into the street, rolling over each other, pulling up each other’s clothes. The fight got “aggressive,” as Mark Wahlberg recalled to USA Today:

“It became one of the better fights that I have a been a part of. He didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t know what he was going to do. I think he wished he knew what I was going to do after the first night of shooting because it got pretty aggressive. He’s a gamer, he’s a method guy. Between him and Ben Foster, they’ll beat their heads off the side of a tree to get into character. “

Yes, Joaquin Phoenix is known for getting into character with intensity, which is part of why he just finally won an Oscar this year for Joker. Ben Foster has worked with fellow Boston native Mark Wahlberg on several films, including Lone Survivor, and he’s known for his intensity too.

Back to that scene in The Yards, though. Before watching the clip below, relive what Joaquin Phoenix said about it back in 2000, when describing the fight to The Guardian:

“Mark and I blocked it out of ourselves. We wanted it to be an epic battle, falling down the stairs and out on to the street. We had elbow pads and knee pads, but on the first take Mark just grabbed me with his pinkie, flipped me into the air and I landed on my head. Man, did I have a bump. I was black and blue for days. But I sure as hell wasn’t gonna do any fucking John Wayne-style punching. I wanted it to be sloppy and barbaric and painful, like I’m hugging the life out of this guy who’s my friend while I’m pounding at him. “

Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg obviously didn’t carry over any hard feelings after the film, since they reunited for James Gray’s We Own the Night. They probably earned even more respect with the commitment.

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Sources: All Creatures & farm sanctuary.
Actor and vegan activist Joaquin Phoenix recently saved a cow and her week-old daughter from being killed at slaughterhouse Manning Beef in California. Phoenix negotiated the release of the animals from the slaughterhouse alongside a group that included fiancée and fellow activist Rooney Mara, both his and Mara’s mothers, Earthlings director Shaun Monson, Los Angeles Animal Save Founder Amy Jean Davis, and Farm Sanctuary President and Co-founder Gene Baur.

In a short documentary of the rescue created by Monson, Phoenix speaks to slaughterhouse owner Anthony DiMaria, who proceeds to explain to the actor that the cows he exploits are purchased from the dairy industry after they no longer produce milk and are treated “humanely,” stating that he slaughters them within 60 seconds and that he does not purchase “three-leggers”. To clarify, Phoenix says that the cows at the facility are purchased to be murdered. DiMaria repeatedly requests that Phoenix use the euphemism “harvested” to describe the slaughter process, which the actor refuses to do. The group successfully removes the cow and calf—whom Phoenix named Liberty and Indigo, respectively—from the slaughterhouse and transports them to the Acton, CA location of Farm Sanctuary, where they will live together in peace alongside other rescued farmed animals.

“I never thought I’d find friendship in a slaughterhouse, but meeting Anthony and opening my heart to his, I realize we might have more in common than we do differences. Without his act of kindness, Liberty and her baby calf, Indigo, would have met a terrible demise,” Phoenix said about the experience. “My hope is, as we watch baby Indigo grow up with her mom Liberty at Farm Sanctuary, that we’ll always remember that friendships can emerge in the most unexpected places; and no matter our differences, kindness and compassion should rule everything around us.” 

Joaquin Phoenix is the Oscars 2020 winner for Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in ‘Joker’.

‘Joker’, which competed in 11 categories, received the award for Best Score.

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After 14 weeks of climate change protests in Washington, D.C., Jane Fonda brought her “Fire Drill Fridays” rally west for the first time this week, leading several hundred environmentally conscious supporters at Los Angeles City Hall. 

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In typical fashion, a red-coated Fonda brought a number of famous friends with her, including Joaquin Phoenix with partner Rooney Mara and her sister Kate Mara, as well as Norman Lear, Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer, Rainn Wilson, Bonnie Wright, Rosanna Arquette and Catherine Keener. The actors served as presenters for the number of climate change activists in attendance, Joaquin introduced environmental justice activist Nalleli Cobo.

Following the rally, supporters marched through downtown L.A. in an act of civil disobedience, but unlike in Washington, D.C., no arrests were made. 

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Joaquin Phoenix has linked with environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion and non-profit organization Amazon Watch for a short film sounding the alarm around deforestation and global wildfires.

“Guardians of Life,” which Variety published exclusively, also stars Rosario Dawson, Matthew Modine, Oona Chaplin, Q’orianka Kilcher and musician Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes – all of whom play a medical team racing to save an unseen patient dying of heart failure on the operating table.

Describing the two-minute film as a call to action, Phoenix said: “I did it to raise awareness about the meat and dairy industry’s effect on climate change. The fact is we are clear cutting and burning rainforests and seeing the negative effects of those actions worldwide. People don’t realize there’s still time, but only if we act now and make sweeping changes to our consumption. We can’t wait for governments to solve these problems for us. We can’t wait until the election to try to make these changes. We have a personal responsibility to make changes in our own lives and act now.”

“Guardians of Life” is the first of 12 films exploring the effects of climate change. The series is led by Extinction Rebellion and Mobilize Earth, and funded by a variety of organizations, including the U.K.-based Catalysts Foundation, as well as the global Climate Save Movement. Additional supporters include the Artists for the Amazon campaign and Environmental Media Association. Donations from the film go towards Amazon Watch and Extinction Rebellion.

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After winning the best actor award at the SAG last night, still in his tuxedo, Joaquin Phoenix went straight to the weekly vigil to give pigs water before they are taken to slaughterhouses. (Credits: laanimalsave)

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Joaquin Phoenix received the Best Actor award for his role in ‘Joker’ at the Screen Actors Guild Awards lat night in Los Angeles. Check out the first HQ photos added to our gallery and below you can watch his speech:

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Joaquin Phoenix was seen filming new scenes from the Mike Mills film in New Orleans. Between takes, Phoenix smoked a cigarette and walked with his arm around someone who appears to be a member of the crew.

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Joaquin Phoenix received the Best Actor award last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony for his a role in “Joker”. The film also received the award for Best Score!

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Check below an interview with Joaquin and his family on the show ’60 Minutes’, which aired today on CBS:

After Joaquin Phoenix spoke out about the importance of combating climate change at the 2020 Golden Globes — where he took home the award for best actor in a drama motion picture for his role in Joker — he marched alongside Jane Fonda to advocate for the issue again at her final climate change rally in Washington, D.C.

On Friday, Phoenix and Fonda were set to be accompanied by a handful of notables names, including Susan Sarandon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, her Grace & Frankie co-star Martin Sheen and Amber Valletta, among others. For the protest, the group of stars were also joined by an impassioned group of climate activists.

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Update: 01/10/2020 – 10:40

Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen were detained along with a bunch of others at the protest. (Source: TMZ).

Update: 01/12/2020 – 10:28

Those arrested were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, and then released. (Source: Deadline)

Joaquin Phoenix received the award for his work on “Joker” in the category of Best Actor – Drama. Hildur Guðnadóttir received the award in the category of Best Original Score for “Joker”. Best Director (Motion Picture) winner was Sam Mendes for “1917” and Best Motion Picture – Drama winner was “1917”.

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Check out the video with the speech below:

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