After winning the best actor award at the SAG last night, still in his tuxedo, Joaquin Phoenix went straight to the weekly vigil to give pigs water before they are taken to slaughterhouses. (Credits: laanimalsave)

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Joaquin Phoenix received the Best Actor award for his role in ‘Joker’ at the Screen Actors Guild Awards lat night in Los Angeles. Check out the first HQ photos added to our gallery and below you can watch his speech:

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Joaquin Phoenix was seen filming new scenes from the Mike Mills film in New Orleans. Between takes, Phoenix smoked a cigarette and walked with his arm around someone who appears to be a member of the crew.

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Joaquin Phoenix received the Best Actor award last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony for his a role in “Joker”. The film also received the award for Best Score!

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More photos will be added to the gallery throughout the day!

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Check below an interview with Joaquin and his family on the show ’60 Minutes’, which aired today on CBS:

After Joaquin Phoenix spoke out about the importance of combating climate change at the 2020 Golden Globes — where he took home the award for best actor in a drama motion picture for his role in Joker — he marched alongside Jane Fonda to advocate for the issue again at her final climate change rally in Washington, D.C.

On Friday, Phoenix and Fonda were set to be accompanied by a handful of notables names, including Susan Sarandon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, her Grace & Frankie co-star Martin Sheen and Amber Valletta, among others. For the protest, the group of stars were also joined by an impassioned group of climate activists.


Update: 01/10/2020 – 10:40

Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen were detained along with a bunch of others at the protest. (Source: TMZ).

Update: 01/12/2020 – 10:28

Those arrested were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, and then released. (Source: Deadline)

Joaquin Phoenix received the award for his work on “Joker” in the category of Best Actor – Drama. Hildur Guðnadóttir received the award in the category of Best Original Score for “Joker”. Best Director (Motion Picture) winner was Sam Mendes for “1917” and Best Motion Picture – Drama winner was “1917”.

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Check out the video with the speech below:

Press Room:

Joaquin Phoenix presents his “Joker” director Todd Phillips with Variety’s Creative Impact in Directing Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

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Phoenix received the Chairman’s Award during the Film Awards gala, an honor bestowed to him following amusing remarks from his friend, collaborator and Joker director Todd Phillips. 

Phillips announced that his intro would be quick “because Joaquin gets anxious,” and if one is lucky enough to know the actor, then they know that “you’re not allowed to say good things,” both not to him and certainly not in public. So to honor that, Phillips had a plan. 

“I will mention bad things about him and I’ll do it quickly,” he said. On that list: “He smokes a lot and his car is basically an ashtray that drives. He has zero ability to self-edit. He also has an incredibly small bladder and has to pee four times over course of a one-hour meeting.”

After getting that out of the way, Phillips saved some nice words Phoenix. “He’s the ultimate collaborator and he’s the ultimate dream to work with. … Joaquin is the tunnel at the end of the light.” (via

Check out Joaquin’s speech:

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Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman were spotted yesterday in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, filming new scenes from the new Mike Mills movie!

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Ending cruelty to animals and winning back their rights often means accepting that we are going to be like David squaring off against Goliath. Perhaps no other film this year illustrates that quite like The Animal People.

Produced by lifelong activist Joaquin Phoenix, The Animal People tells the story of six advocates determined to expose the world’s largest animal-testing lab—and an industry just as determined to stop them.

The group targeted Huntingdon Life Sciences (which eventually merged with PETA target Envigo) and called itself SHAC, for “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.” It used public protests and the then-fledgling internet to lead an open campaign against Huntingdon and successfully halted much of its financial support. But the protests led to a chain of events that would involve the FBI, Congress, surveillance, wiretaps, rewritten laws, and the first-ever indictments of animal advocates for domestic terrorism.

With never-before-seen surveillance and archival footage, the documentary drops viewers into the middle of the action and takes them on a terrifying but invigorating journey. As the filmmakers explain, The Animal People is a “chilling portrait of what happens when activism rattles the institutions of power.”

“The Animal People” premiered at the Santa Monica Film Festival on November 30 and is available on demand now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu.

Read more at PETA.

Joaquin Phoenix and director Mike Mills were spotted today in New York City filming scenes from Mills’ new project. The title of the movie and the official synopsis have not yet been revealed.

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