Five years ago, bearded Joaquin Phoenix appeared on the David Letterman program, saying he would leave the movie career to become a rapper – and thus made ​​everyone believe that he had gone mad. In 2010, Phoenix revealed that it was all part of a character created for the staged documentary I’m Still Here, and many thought he was finished – who dares to make a joke with these Hollywood? But after that, the 39 year old actor was nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Master and is now being praised by Her (which premieres this Friday, 7 in Brazil). The actor plays the solitary and sensitive Theodore, who falls for Samantha (voice of Scarlett Johansson) self-styled operating system. MMA fan, Phoenix exalts the feminine side of the character, and says that, like Theodore, can well live alone.

Samantha uses much music to show how you’re feeling . Do you?
At work , I have done a few times. Occasionally the director plays some music to create an atmosphere , because music is a powerful emotional tool that transcends even language.

Are you a music fan ?
Yes, but I go through some stages . When I was younger , I bought a disc , and I was sat there listening – devoured , actually. And I do not do this for a long time .

That rapper character I’m Still Here reflected some secret desire to be a rapper ?
I do not have this desire , because I know that is not something I could do . I chose to be a rapper in the movie because he had some knowledge , then during an interview I could talk about producers and DJs It had nothing to do with a desire to be a rapper . Maybe I wanted to 13 years old.

Do you think you is a better actor after this experience ?
I do not know if I’m better … but surely a lot has changed for me . The process was antithetical of most films. Today I see as a tremendous luxury to have multiple takes to achieve the desired result . In I’m Still Here , sometimes we did things in public and it was only a chance to hit. But it was very nice to stay focused , keep me in character under any circumstances .

Was afraid of ruining your career ?
Sure ! Sure ! [ laughs ] I was not afraid of not having a career but do not have the career I wanted. I’ve just been lucky , because Paul Thomas Anderson and Spike Jonze called me . It was a dream .

“Her” talks about relationships , but rather focuses on the loneliness. Do you can cope well with loneliness ?
Yeah. Everybody needs of others , we are collective animals and we need human contact . But I’m also well alone . I was always alone, since very young. Would make movies in distant places and spent long periods in a hotel room , studying . I’m used to.

The character you did in “Her” is described as a man of the feminine soul . Do you identifies with that?
I never felt I had to act like macho , never had this kind of insecurity. Theodore is what many men feel in life, but not what men feel of the films . It was interesting to see a character who shows the sensitive side and is communicative, qualities that are not usually attributed to men in movies .

It is true that like MMA ?
Yes , I do.

And that is something very masculine , no?
Yes , but not because of that I like. I was a fan after a friend started talking about martial arts , even the more technical side. When you begin to follow and see the struggles of these great athletes , is impressive. Is beautiful. I like things that people are extremely focused . It’s very strong when they are only staring . It’s bold to submit to being knocked out in front of thousands of people and still get up and embrace the opponent afterwards.

What are your favorite fighters?
I always liked Lyoto Machida. I also remember watching the first fight Jon Jones and it was like watching Michael Jordan for the first time. Jose Aldo is also amazing. Knew that Brazilians will hard even in training. I do not want to meddle with the Brazilians! [laughs]

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Translated from Portuguese via Google Translate.