August 24, 2018
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In an interview to promote “The Sisters Brothers,” Phoenix said he was already preparing for the role, and expressed concern that promoting the new release was getting in his way. “It is ideal to be able to focus on one thing and not do press while you’re prepping for something else, which is not working out,” he said. Nevertheless, the typically tight-lipped actor shrugged off the pressure of tackling such an iconic character. “I could care less,” he said. “I don’t really think that much about what people think. Who cares, who cares? My approach to every movie is the same. What I’m interested in is the filmmaker and the idea of the character.”

Earlier in the summer, Phoenix told Collider that he was intrigued by movies featuring “characters in comics that were really interesting and deserve the opportunity to be kind of studies.” These days, however, he’s more reserved about the challenge. (“What else you got?” he asked when pressed to elaborate on his preparation for the role.) However, he did say that the scale of a blockbuster production didn’t bother him, even though it was an anomaly in his career. “If there’s something that feels unique, then I don’t really care what genre it is, what budget it is,” he said. “Those things aren’t important.” Instead, he said, “What gets my interest is examining people. Some of it is really fucking simple. It’s chemistry, it’s like what you look for in a lover. You know it when it happens.”

While some actors pivot from prestige roles to blockbuster escapism as a survival tactic, Phoenix insisted he had no concerns about the kind of opportunities at his disposal. “I feel like I’ve consistently worked at the same pace,” he said. “It feels like every five years, somebody says ‘They don’t make those kind of movies anymore.’ Maybe that will happen, but I’ve been lucky thus far.”


July 18, 2018
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Director Todd Phillips’ standalone Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will hit theaters on Oct. 4, 2019, Warner Bros. and DC said late Wednesday afternoon.

The release date, and title, were revealed as this year’s edition of the ultimate fanboy gathering — Comic-Con — got underway in San Diego. Warners and DC will take the stage there on Saturday.


July 12, 2018
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It’s rare nowadays for any group of people to agree on anything. Whether it be politics, the environment, Star Wars movies, or almost any subject out there, you have people arguing about it online and in public, and it can get uncomfortable really fast.

But when rumors hit earlier this year that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play a version of the Joker for director Todd Phillips in a standalone DC movie, it was one of those rare moments where everyone came together and said, “Yes!” That’s because over his brilliant career, Joaquin Phoenix has delivered a number of exceptional performances that repeatedly demonstrate his ability to transform into the character he’s playing. The idea of Phoenix playing one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time is beyond exciting and yet another reason to think the comic book movie genre is not slowing down.

Recently Collider got an exclusive interview with Phoenix and although the full interview has not been published yet, Collider wanted to share what Joaquin Phoenix had to say about the Joker movie today.

In an interview with Phoenix a few months ago, when it was just reported that he could be playing the Joker, he was guarded but willing to share why he thought comic book characters lent themselves to different people taking on the same role.

However, when he was asked again about the Joker this time, he was a lot more open about the role. When I asked how he got involved in the project and if he was nervous to take on such an iconic character, he said:

“I take a lot of time and consideration when making decisions and what I’m gonna work on always. So, in some ways, the process, which is obviously reading a script and meeting a filmmaker and then continuing to have meetings and discussions with Todd [Phillips]. I think he’s very impressive and he seems to have a very interesting understanding of this world and what he’s trying to say. And so there is something very appealing about that and working with him on this particular project. It feels unique, it is its own world in some ways, and maybe, mostly, it scares the fucking shit out of me or something. It might as well be the thing that scares you the most.”

Like I previously said, when Phoenix was linked to the role, it was universally hailed as a great casting choice. I wondered if he paid attention to what people and fans were saying about the project.

“It’s a magnified version of what you deal with as an actor. So, when you get a script, obviously, the writer— usually for me, it’s the writer/director, last several years I’ve worked with a filmmaker that was the writer and director— and they have their expectation, and they’ve imagined things in their head, and they’ve imagined different actors, and suddenly you take it on and so there’s this moment of anxiety of ‘Did I live up to their expectations?’ And at some point you have to just own it and say like, ‘I can’t consider who they might have thought up before or what the movie was for the 6 months ago, this is what it is now and I have to find my way into it.’ And so in some ways it’s a very similar experience, right? But it feels magnified because it’s not just one person’s expectations, but what you’re telling me is that there’s at least a dozen.”

The most surprising thing about the conversation with Phoenix was that he was thinking of a movie like this years ago. He said:

“Three or four years ago, I called my agent and said ‘Why don’t they want to take one of these characters and just make a lower budget film about it, a movie but a character study, and why not take one of the villains?’ And I thought, ‘You can’t do the Joker, because, you know, it’s just you can’t do that character, it’s just been done.’ So I was trying to think of other characters, and he said ‘I’ll set up a general meeting with Warner Bros.’ And I said ‘I’m not gonna go, I can’t go to a general meeting.’ So I completely forgot about it, and so then I heard about this idea, I was like, ‘Oh that’s so exciting, that’s the kind of experience I wanted to have, with a movie based on a comic character.’ I felt like you could get something on screen.”

At the end of the interview, it was talked about how the story is not connected to everything else and what kind of movie they are trying to make. He said:

“I wouldn’t quite classify this as like any genre. I wouldn’t say it’s a superhero movie, or a studio movie or a … It feels unique, and I think more then anything, and probably the most important thing, is Todd seems very passionate about it and very giving, and so that’s exciting. I think, underneath the excitement of these films, and the size of them, there are these incredible characters that are dealing with real life struggles. And sometimes that is uncovered and exposed, and sometimes it isn’t, and so I always felt, like, there were characters in comics that were really interesting and deserve the opportunity to be kind of studied. And so I think that’s what Todd sees appealing about this idea.”

July 12, 2018
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Joaquin Phoenix attends Amazon Studios Premiere of ‘Don’t Worry, He Wont Get Far On Foot’ at ArcLight Hollywood on July 11, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

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July 11, 2018
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Joaquin Phoenix recently finalized his deal to star as the arch-nemesis of Batman and shooting is set to begin in September in New York.

Todd Phillips is directing the film and co-wrote the script, which the studio describes as being an “exploration of a man disregarded by society [that] is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.” Scott Silver co-wrote the script.

Warners has yet to stake out a release date for the film, which goes against the grain of most comic book movies that have flags planted years in advance. But the Joker stand-alone pic is meant to be different from other comic book superhero movies.

The project’s budget is in the $55 million range, significantly lower than the tentpoles that dominate the form. And the stand-alone is meant to be darker and more experimental in tone and content (at least as experimental as a studio can be with established brands such as DC), which is described as being akin to a crime drama.

That said, there is a chance that the movie could be ready for release as early as late 2019, depending on various factors.

Warners has a possible second Joker movie in the works as Jared Leto, who played the character in Suicide Squad, now has his own solo film project in development.


June 23, 2018
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I added in the gallery the photos of the Seattle International Film Festival 2018. Director Gus Van Sant, Joaquin Phoenix and actress Beth Ditto speak on stage after a screening of the film ‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot’ during the Festival at SIFF Cinema Egyptian on June 10, 2018 in Seattle, Washington.

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Sorry for the delay in posting.

June 15, 2018
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According to information from, “Joker” directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix is expected to start filming in September.

According to the same source, the film is budgeted at about $ 55 million.

June 8, 2018
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Deadline has confirmed that Warner Bros. is in early development on a Joker standalone film in the Suicide Squad universe starring Jared Leto, who will also executive produce. No writer or director are assigned at this time. It’s very early.

Meanwhile Todd Phillips’ origin tales film about the Joker –which Deadline broke the news on– is still in development and will fall under a different DC origins cinematic banner, to separate it from the titles set during the current day. Joaquin Phoenix is set to star in Phillips’ movie.

Let’s see which project makes it to the finish line first. Suicide Squad 2 is going into production some time next year.


May 24, 2018
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Two official trailers of the movie “The Sisters Brothers” were released today. Check out the U.S. trailer:

In France, the film premieres on September 19, 2018. There is no confirmed release date yet in other countries. Check out the French trailer:

April 27, 2018
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Alongside director Lynne Ramsay, Joaquin Phoenix attends the photocall today to promote the movie ‘You Were Never Really Here’ in Rome, Italy. Check out the photos:

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In Italy the film will be released on May 6 with the title “A Beautiful Day”.