Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of the artists who is supporting the M4BL and signed a pledge to demand divestment from the police and investment in black communities. Other artists who signed were: Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, Jane Fonda, John Legend, Natalie Portman, Chris Martin and many others.

According to the Urban Institute, in 1977, state and local governments spent $60 billion on police and corrections . In 2017, they spent $194 billion. A 220 percent increase. Despite continued profiling, harassment, terror and killing of Black communities, local and federal decision-makers continue to invest in the police, which leaves Black people vulnerable and our communities no safer.

Where could that money go? It could go towards building healthy communities, to the health of our elders and children,to neighborhood infrastructure, to education, to childcare, to support a vibrant Black future. The possibilities are endless. 

Please help by signing HERE and have more information on the website

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