Via Film fans, prepare for a splendid collaboration between two icons. Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to star in Ari Aster’s upcoming film “Beau is Afraid”.

This will likely be Ari Aster’s next film with the project said to be a priority for himself. He will write, direct, and produce the film with the project set to go through his production company Square Peg.

Synopsis: An anxious man (Joaquin Phoenix) learns of the death of his mother under mysterious circumstances and upon traveling home makes an alarming discovery about his past. During his journey, he runs into various crazy supernatural threats.

Aster and the producers are hoping Joaquin Phoenix signs on, and therefore are holding off before deciding when to begin filming. Joaquin Phoenix has many upcoming projects, specifically his next one, “Kitbag”, a Napeoloen Bonaparte biopic for 20th Century Studios under director Ridley Scott.

Ari Aster is a critically acclaimed director known for his recent 2 horror hits, “Midsommar” starring Florence Pugh and “Hereditary” starring Toni Collette.